With the highest qualifications, and a dedication that comes from a genuine desire to help, you can trust us to help you make your big investment decisions.


Welcome to Valley View Home Inspections LLC. We are passionate about helping people through our services. Jeffrey Stanley, the owner and operator, has completed all required NYS inspection training and is an InterNACHI Certified Professional Home inspector.

We are dedicated to providing accurate, high quality Inspection Services. Whether you are buying or selling, it is critical to be completely informed about every detail of the property before making an important decision. We work with you to make those decisions easier and help you to be in a position to know what step to take next. We call this “Peace of Mind”.

I couldn’t be happier with the home inspection service Jeff provided. The fact that he was able to do the inspection on a short notice was critical for us moving fast on the closing process, and one of the deciding factors in choosing an inspector. He was courteous and helpful throughout the whole process, answering all of my questions with clarity. I felt really confident that he would do a thorough job. And the report itself showed that he overlooked nothing in your inspection. After living in the house for a few weeks, I can’t find anything that he missed. I will be recommending Jeff to any home buyers I meet.

Cooper Williams

Jeff inspected the home we are selling and was selected by the buyers to do the inspection. He arrived right on time and came to the door to introduce himself. He started the outside inspection and then did the inside. Before coming inside, he took it upon himself to put a clean pair of shoes on rather than wearing the work boots that he’d been walking in outside. He was extremely thorough and was happy to answer any questions I had. Overall, Jeff was polite, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He will be our new “Go-To” when someone asks for a home inspector recommendation.

Courtney Hancharik

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He had a very short time-frame to work with and completed it easily. Easy to contact and communicated with us when he was done and received the report shortly after. The attention to detail was very good. I would definitely recommend Jeff and Valley View Home Inspection .

William Gates

Jeff Stanley, from Valley View Home Inspections, inspected a home we are in the process of buying. I highly recommend him. His report was comprehensive and easy to understand. We were unable to be there for the inspection, so after we received the report, he spent a long time on a phone call with us explaining everything in detail. This is our 4rth home purchase, over many years, so we have been through the home inspection process before. This is the best inspection we have received, he seemed truly interested in helping us understand the home in question, and what to prioritize for more immediate action, and what to keep an eye on for the future. The summary at the end is very helpful! Also, he came and did the inspection on short notice, and was very responsive in his communications. I highly recommend Jeff Stanley, and we will reach out to him for any future home inspection needs.

Melissa Ford



We offer a complete and comprehensive inspection of residential properties, from the roof to the foundation and so much more. Going beyond what our certifications require.


Radon is a deadly gas that is odorless, invisible, and only detectible with professional testing services. Have us professionally test your home for radon gas and keep your family safe.


Home inspections reveal the inner workings of the property, allowing you to be informed of all the perks and pitfalls the home has to offer. A quality home inspection can reveal critical information about the condition of a home and its systems. It can reveal serious issues, as well as maintenance items. This makes the buyer fully aware of what costs, repairs, and maintenance the home may require immediately, and over time. For a seller, transparent full disclosure of the property’s condition creates credibility and often helps facilitate the sales process.


We have multiple certifications from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the world’s largest association of property inspectors. This gives you the assurance that we provide the very best inspection service for your investments.

InterNACHI® is so certain of our integrity that they even back us up with a $25,000 Guarantee, further ensuring our ability and integrity.

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